Are you seeking out a contemporary nondenominational church? Faith Hill Church is a non-denominational church in Johannesburg South, ZA. There are apparently many out there who don’t particularly know what makes up nondenominational church beliefs. Here is some basic information on what those beliefs are, as well as the specific beliefs of Faith Hill Church:

What is a Nondenominational Church?

A non-denominational church is an autonomous congregation that does not officially align itself with any denomination like Methodists, Baptists or Lutherans, for example, but may in fact have similar beliefs to those sects. Conversely, there are also many of these churches which hold completely independent and unique beliefs from any other sect.

About Our Contemporary Nondenominational Church

Nondenominational Church in Johannesburg | Faith Hill Church

At Faith Hill church, we believe:

  • All scripture is given by inspiration of God.
  • Jesus Christ is true God and true man.
  • The Holy Spirit is a divine person.
  • All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and are in need of salvation.
  • Salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ for all men.
  • It is the will of God that every Believer be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Healing and prosperity are provided in the redemptive work of Christ and is available to every believer.

Faith Hill Church is a contemporary, non-denominational church located in Johannesburg South, South Africa. The purpose of our church is to give unto God the Glory due His name and to inspire others to do the same. Faith Hill is a multicultural, family friendly church where all people from all backgrounds are welcome. We warmly invite you to join us at our campus every Sunday at the Unisa Conference Centre, Room D located at 2 Vinton Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg, 2091. We would love for you to connect with us today by either calling 011 026 9400 or visiting our website.

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